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Metal carved insulation board features

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Metal carved insulation board features

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Metal-carved insulation boards can be used for a long time and always maintain beautiful appearance and proprietary performance. They are used in home decoration very much, and this kind of board is very affordable and has many features. Let's introduce the characteristics of the board:

1, thermal insulation, energy consumption, energy saving

It has excellent thermal insulation properties, which has good cold resistance and thermal insulation properties compared with traditional exterior wall insulation decoration materials. The energy consumption of heating and cooling is greatly reduced, which saves a lot of energy expenditure and the product cost is relatively high.

2, sheet flame retardant waterproof and moisture

1 After special treatment, it has good flame retardant performance, and there is no concern about safety and reliability.

2 Even in the severe cold area, the stable exterior wall insulation and decoration board has no trouble of seepage deformation, which prolongs the service life of the building.

3 Like traditional exterior wall decoration materials, it is ubiquitous because of the permeability of the substrate, which causes the degradation of the substrate, which leads to the problem of water seepage in the interior wall.

4The structure of the self and the compact bump-and-groove installation between the plates avoids the structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet circulation. After installation, the water seepage is cleaned up. The ground avoids moldy indoor walls.

3, light and provincial earthquake resistance

Light weight, high strength and good impact resistance. Its light weight advantage not only reduces the burden on the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of the earthquake on the building. Therefore, the plate is installed on a light steel structure, and the whole body is relatively strong, that is, it is shockproof and crackproof, and is firm and safe.

4, easy to install and save costs

1 The installation method is simple and fast, and it is not hindered by the season, climate and geographical environment, and it is suitable for all seasons.

2 Significantly shortened the engineering cycle, not only accelerated the progress of the project but also saved the construction cost and reduced the overall cost.

3 While achieving the installation and thermal insulation effect, the external wall load is greatly reduced, and the utilization of space and land is enhanced.

5, sound and noise reduction quiet and comfortable

1 The middle core material is a heat insulation sound insulation layer composed of high-density polyurethane foam, and the inside is a single closed bubble structure, which has good sound insulation effect.

2 Applicable to apartments, colleges and other buildings near the noise area, which can reduce outdoor noise and enter the room to keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable.

6, more decorative and more choices

1 luxurious and beautiful decorative effect, can highlight the taste of the building. The simple and flexible disassembly and assembly method makes it easier to replace the wall design.

2 In order to provide customers with more choices, Dubai has launched a combination of more than 100 kinds of embossed patterns and colors, giving the building design more space.

3 It is also possible to formulate colors according to the requirements of special customers. The multi-color and embossed exterior wall insulation panels can be used together to create a unique combination of styles.

7, a wide range of applications

1 can be widely used in municipal construction, housing, office halls, garden attractions, old building renovation, gate guard booths and many other engineering fields.

2 The building materials are suitable for new brick-concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures, light-weight houses and other types of buildings, as well as for the decorative energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.

3 External wall insulation and decoration integrated board is becoming more and more choice for wall insulation and building materials.

8, green and durable

1The exterior wall insulation and decoration board is easy to clean, durable and has a long service life.

2 It has stable chemical and physical structure, does not decompose mold, no radiation, no pollution, and is environmentally friendly.

3 It can be flexibly disassembled and reused and installed on other buildings. The remaining scraps of the construction can also be recycled and reused, and the construction waste is greatly reduced during the construction process. It is a high-quality, high-performance environmentally friendly product.

The characteristics of metal carved insulation board are developed according to some problems existing in our daily family. It is very suitable for our daily application. It has strong insulation performance, health and safety, no pollution, quick installation and so on. Everyone's favorite.


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