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Analyze why more and more people choose metal carved decorative panels

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Analyze why more and more people choose metal carved decorative panels

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In many buildings, the materials used to control the heat outflow of the room are called insulation materials, and the materials that prevent outdoor heat from entering the room are called insulation materials. The new types of insulation plates are gradually emerging in the market. Did you really understand them in the process?

Keep warm. Insulation material is also known as Dukan insulation material. It is widely used in the construction of hospitals, schools, hotels and villas. With the development of the market, a number of new insulation materials have emerged. Next, we will learn about the insulation materials on the market. The type is for your better choice.

Frequently used thermal insulation materials can be divided into organic and inorganic categories according to their composition. The shape of the crucible can be divided into fibrous, porous micropores, bubbles, granular, layered and the like;

Inorganic fibrous insulation materials include: mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool, aluminum silicate cotton, expanded pearl cotton rock, aerated concrete and the like. The earliest thermal insulation material process of mineral wool products has a history of application of more than 100 years of production, chemical stability is relatively good, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, glass wool is a fiber made from glass raw materials or melted by this broken glass. The material has good chemical stability and similar performance to mineral wool. The long-term performance of the aging phenomenon is unchanged. Aluminum silicate grade is also called refractory fiber, excellent thermal stability, excellent tensile strength and excellent chemical stability. Expanded perlite is a natural perlite calcined, which is a honeycomb foam-like white or off-white particle. It is a high-performance thermal insulation material.

The above materials have their own characteristics, but the effect is relatively unsatisfactory compared with the recent new materials. At the same time, it will cause soil erosion and is gradually withdrawing from the market.

Organic materials include: polyurethane rigid foam, extruded polystyrene foam (xps), molded polystyrene film plastic (eps).

Molded polystyrene foam and xps, which is a heat-insulating hormone polystyrene foam, which is obtained by foaming technology and heat forming in a grinding tool. It has a closed cell structure and has excellent long-lasting thermal insulation properties. Unique cushioning shock resistance, anti-aging performance, when the fire performance is not very good compared to inorganic materials, in the purchase to combine their own actual needs to buy.

Next, we will introduce a new type of material, which has both the fireproof properties of inorganic materials and the advantages of organic materials. It is --- polyurethane rigid foam.

Polyurethane rigid foam is made of polymerized foamed isocyanate and strong base compound. It can be divided into soft and hard according to its hardness. Polyurethane rigid foam is generally foamed in greenhouse, and the molding process is relatively simple. Polyurethane rigid foam is mostly closed-cell structure, with excellent thermal insulation effect, light weight, high strength, convenient construction, etc. It also has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance and solvent resistance. This year has also become the darling of the decoration industry.


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