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Introducing the installation steps of the metal engraved board

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Introducing the installation steps of the metal engraved board

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Metal engraved board manufacturers give you a brief analysis of the factors that cause the aging of metal engraved panels

Metal engraved panels are now popular in thermal insulation and are of good quality and robustness. However, after a long period of use, different degrees of aging have also occurred, mainly because this phenomenon will affect the use of the board to a certain extent, and even cause the sheet to be deformed. What causes the aging of metal engraved panels? Let's take a look at it together:

1) Thermal stress is caused by thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference change, which is caused by the volume change of the non-structural structure of the metal engraved plate, which leads to an unstable state. The thermal stress is the main external thermal insulation layer of the high-rise building. One of the destructive forces. And compared with multi-storey or bungalow buildings, high-rise buildings are more sensitive to sunlight, more thermal stress, and more deformation. Therefore, when the thermal insulation crack-resistant structure is designed, the insulation material should meet the flexible gradient. In principle, the deformability of the outer layer material should be higher than the deformability of the inner layer material.

2) Generally, the positive wind pressure generates thrust, and the suction generated by negative wind pressure will cause great damage to the outer insulation layer of the high-rise building. Therefore, the outer insulation layer should have considerable wind pressure resistance and wind resistance. In terms of pressure, the insulation layer is required to have no cavity, and the air layer is eliminated, thereby avoiding the volume expansion of the air layer in the insulation layer under the wind pressure, especially the negative wind pressure, thereby causing damage to the insulation layer.


3) Seismic force will cause extrusion, shearing or distortion of the high-rise building structure and insulation surface layer, mainly because the rigidity of the insulation surface layer is greater, and the earthquake resistance is greater, and the damage caused by it may be more serious. This requires that the external thermal insulation material of the high-rise building should meet the principle of flexible gradual change under the premise of considerable adhesion to disperse and absorb the seismic stress, thereby reducing the surface load on the surface of the thermal insulation layer and preventing it under the influence of seismic force. The insulation layer has a large area of cracking, peeling and even falling off.

4) Water or steam, in order to avoid the damage of high-rise buildings caused by water or water vapor, it is necessary to use external thermal insulation material with good water repellency and good water vapor permeability to avoid condensation of water or water vapor during the migration process. Or the increase of water content inside the insulation layer can improve the resistance to rainwater erosion and freeze-thaw resistance of the outer insulation layer of high-rise buildings.

5) High-rise buildings have higher fire protection requirements than multi-storey buildings. The insulation layer of high-rise buildings should have better fire resistance and should have the characteristics of preventing fire spread and preventing the release of smoke or toxic gases in case of fire. The strength and volume can not be reduced too much, the surface layer should be free from bursting and slumping, which will cause damage to the residents or firefighters, and cause great difficulties for the rescue work.

Mainly because the metal engraved board has been exposed to the wind for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be aging phenomenon, requiring us to regularly maintain and maintain the product, so as to ensure that it does not age, the color is lasting and the performance is maintained.


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