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Exterior wall insulation board

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Exterior wall insulation board

  • Classification:Standard Brick Metal Carved Plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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1. The board is flame retardant and waterproof:

The core material of the metal decorative insulation board has been specially treated to have good flame retardant properties.

Conventional exterior wall decoration materials generally suffer from deterioration of the substrate due to water permeable and cold, which causes problems such as water seepage in the interior wall. The excellent structure of the external wall insulation and decoration board and the compact bump-and-groove-type installation between the plates avoid the structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet circulation, and are eliminated after installation. The water seepage of the wall effectively avoids the moldy phenomenon of the interior wall.

2 soundproofing noise reduction quiet and comfortable:

The core material in the middle of the metal decorative insulation board is a heat insulation sound insulation layer composed of high-density polyurethane foam, and the interior thereof is an independent closed bubble structure, which has a very good sound insulation effect.

3 more decorative options:

In order to provide customers with more choices, Dubai has launched a combination of more than 100 kinds of embossed patterns and colors, giving the building design more space. Luxurious and beautifully decorated, the building highlights the grade and taste. The easy and flexible way of disassembly and assembly makes it easy to replace the design of the wall. Colors can also be tailored to specific customer requirements. A variety of colors and embossed exterior wall insulation decorative panels can be used together to form a unique combination of style and variety.


4 a wide range of applications:

Can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment housing, office halls, villas, garden attractions, old building renovation, gate guard booths and many other engineering fields. The building materials are suitable for new types of brick-concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures and light-body houses, as well as for energy-saving renovation of existing building decoration and interior decoration. Metal decorative insulation boards are becoming the first choice for more and more wall insulation and building materials.


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