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Imitation stone metal carved plate

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Imitation stone metal carved plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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Marble pattern (sesame white grain)



Every year, many big-name designers will grasp the popular elements of the year to create. In addition to the trend of the trend, it is more like creating a trend. In 2019, the marble pattern once again reached the top of the trend, what magic is it? Can you capture the attention of these big-name home designers? Today we will come to understand.

Marble storage tray

How can a high-end and exquisite life have fewer marble trays? Put it in the bathroom for storage, put your own belongings in the tray, and prevent things from being found in the chaos. It is much more convenient to sort and store.


The marble pattern that many people think is cold and hard, although it is fascinating, it makes people feel cold in the bedroom, but for those who know the design, such marble is making people feel hot. It’s refreshing when you look at it in summer, but if you still feel cold, some other accessories can satisfy your love for marble.

Marble mirror

How can the configuration of the dressing table be reduced in the bedroom, so a marbled makeup mirror is an eye-catching presence, and every place shows a quality of life.


The bathroom with a large area of marbled elements is really beautiful, but it seems a bit difficult to achieve for ordinary people, but don't be discouraged, because you can find other to replace.

Marble shower curtain

The marbled shower curtain divides the bathroom into two parts. The coolness of the marble pattern makes people look very comfortable. It doesn't feel very boring, and the space does not give people a sense of depression.


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