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Insulation decorative board integrated board

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Insulation decorative board integrated board

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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Analysis of the overall aesthetic effect of the outer wall decoration integrated board

1. Thermal insulation, sound insulation, water and moisture resistance: It has excellent thermal insulation performance, low thermal conductivity and stability, and is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity. It also prevents water immersion and moisture penetration. The characteristics can avoid the accumulation of water inside the material due to condensation and the characteristic of cracking due to melting. After the inspection by the national authority, the XPS extruded board has a fireproof rating of B1 or higher, and the rock wool board can reach Grade A or above. The panel is Class A non-combustible material, and the fire resistance limit of the wall is far higher than the national standard.

2, light weight, high strength, fast construction: far less than other curtain wall panels under the same area, its impact resistance: no cracks, peeling, penetration (CNS 13778). Not only reduces the burden on the building, but also significantly reduces security risks. The combination of bonding and anchoring eliminates the hidden danger of the peeling of the facing layer and the inner liner or the heat insulating layer, greatly improves the production safety, simplifies the construction process, and the installation is very fast, which greatly shortens the construction period. At the same time, it has also greatly reduced the quality hazards and safety hazards.

3, beautiful decoration, stable and durable: the factory standardized production, from the modern assembly line of finished boards, to eliminate the external environment and the impact of artificial factors on the external wall decoration. Therefore, the problems of wall cracking, discoloration of the paint film, and dirtiness of the wall surface encountered in the past construction process are solved. The combination of bonding and anchoring ensures the safety of the product installation and the stability of the decorative effect, and the decorative effect of the exterior wall decoration panel is incomparable to any manual decoration system. Only this feature is sufficient for comprehensive Replace traditional aluminum, aluminum, plastic, stone and paint.


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