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Metal carved plate villa

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Metal carved plate villa

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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Rough brick pattern (angel white roll pink)



Metal-carved villas are built in the same shape as ordinary houses, but can be more stylish. The difference between the two is that the materials used in the house are different. The general house we know is the mixed structure. Now the building is the structure of the frame. However, due to the low floor of the villa, the frame structure is generally not used. The mixed structure has certain defects, and the seismic resistance is not strong. The metal carved plate villa is built with metal carved plate keel. The metal carved plate material is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and no construction waste will be generated during the use. The interior decoration of the metal engraved villa house is the same as that of the ordinary house. The water and electricity are fully furnished, and the style can be designed according to your own preferences. The cost of building and decorating a metal engraved villa is very embarrassing. Anyone who has an understanding of the metal engraved board structure will choose to build a metal engraved sheet villa.

The exterior wall material of the metal engraved board villa model is made of metal engraved board. The construction of the rough loft can be completed in 45 days. As long as the decoration is too small, the price can be accommodated because the decoration design is too much, so the price is calculated separately! High, and the activity room is very good value for money, has excellent performance, is more and more popular with people, they love to pursue fashion, but the economic ability is not enough, and the affordable metal carved plate villa is their best choice. Now is A colorful world, even the house makers are no longer sticking to the traditional plain color, but boldly adopting the bright colors as the main color, which makes people feel very eye-catching at a glance. The application of the metal carved plate villa is a The obvious example. Modern life has always emphasized the concept of green environmental protection, green vegetables, green travel, and now also focus on green living, in order to integrate local landscape and environmentally friendly concepts.


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