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External wall metal composite board

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External wall metal composite board

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Science and technology are developing rapidly today, and there are many new products coming out of our side. Nowadays, people are paying attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, which has been reflected in many products. In the familiar building decoration industry, a number of environmentally-friendly technology products have appeared. Insulation decorative panels are among the best. Its use not only keeps the exterior of the building warm, but also serves as a decoration. Metal decorative insulation board definitely wants to buy the right insulation decoration board, then let's take a look at what classification it has.


Single material, composite exterior wall.

A single material, that is, a single product with good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance as a wall material, meets the requirements of energy-saving standards. Such as aerated concrete blocks, ALC aerated concrete sheets and so on. Composite wall, that is, composite insulation material on the wall of the structure.

According to the composite method can be divided into three types:

1, sandwich insulation practice, the insulation material (polyphenyl, rock wool, polyurethane, etc.) placed in the middle of the wall into a sandwich cavity.

2, external insulation practices, increase insulation measures on the outside of the wall.

3, internal insulation practices, on the inside of the outer wall with insulation board or wipe polystyrene particles. However, the practice of internal insulation will form a “thermal bridge” at the intersection of the inner and outer walls, the ring beam, etc., and there will be condensation.

In today's energy-saving and environmentally-friendly fashion, our products are beginning to be combined with them, so that we can ensure sustainable development. The products we use in the building decoration industry are far more than these. More content is welcome to consult our insulation decoration board manufacturers, Zhengtang will certainly bring more useful information to everyone.




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