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Metal siding

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Metal siding

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  • Release date:2019/11/14
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Market analysis of metal siding

With the rapid development of the province's economy, society and public utilities, the proportion of building energy consumption will continue to rise. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the building energy conservation in our province will focus on promoting the use of energy-saving new wall materials, metal exterior wall panels, and promote the application of new energy-saving technologies, new materials and new equipment.

In the process of external thermal insulation construction, the construction process is more complicated than the traditional method, and the construction requirements are higher, which is also a new challenge to the supervision business level. Standardizing the process and controlling the process is an effective means to ensure the quality of the project construction. Careful construction and sincere supervision are the strong guarantee for the construction quality. It is necessary to pay attention to the problem of cracking and leakage of external thermal insulation, starting from material selection, construction technology, supervision and management to prevent quality problems.

Due to the continuous emergence of new materials, there are many kinds of thermal insulation materials on the market, and the competition is very fierce. Due to the influence of price, the selection of materials will tend to lower the standard, and the quality control is more difficult. In the future development, it is recommended to purchase the external wall insulation materials, the corresponding auxiliary materials are supplied by a single supplier, which can effectively ensure the matching of the insulation system materials, reduce the difference of the temperature change performance of the materials, and improve the external The anti-cracking and impermeability of the thermal insulation system is also beneficial to the material supplier of the thermal insulation system. The corresponding policy formulation should be gradually improved. Building energy conservation, land saving, water saving and material saving measures should be taken from the aspects of architectural design, building quality and building materials use to promote the application of renewable energy in buildings. Management to accelerate the pace of building a resource-saving society in the country.




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