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Metal engraved board production

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Metal engraved board production

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  • Release date:2019/11/13
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The Dubai Metal Plate is mainly composed of a color picture plate treated with nano anti-fouling technology. The middle layer is made of hard foamed polyurethane with special fire treatment, and the bottom layer is made of aluminum foil anti-corrosion layer. The fire rating is B1. It is mainly used for the construction and reconstruction of various high-end hotels, villas, schools, residential buildings and other buildings. The wall panel specifications are: thickness 16mm, 20mm effective width 383mm, length can be customized according to the situation, 2-6 meters for convenient transportation.

Conventional exterior wall decoration materials generally have problems of substrate degradation caused by water permeable and cold, which leads to water seepage in the interior wall. The outer wall insulation and decoration integrated board (ie metal carved board) has its own self-structure, and the compact concave-convex plug-and-groove installation between the plates avoids the structure caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet circulation. Destruction, eliminating the water seepage of the wall, effectively avoiding the moldy phenomenon inside the wall. Even in the cold regions, the stable metal plate has no water seepage and deformation, which prolongs the service life of the building.

The company has advanced new exterior wall insulation and decoration board and color steel composite insulation board continuous production process, which can produce brick pattern, elastic coating, water ripple, marble pattern, mosaic pattern, corrugated pattern, strip pattern and so on. A variety of patterns, hundreds of embossed patterns and color combinations, all-round to meet the requirements of various architectural colors and insulation decoration.

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