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Wood grain metal composite board

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Wood grain metal composite board

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  • Release date:2019/11/13
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The company's imitation wood pattern engraving board mainly has various patterns such as chicken wing wood grain, yellow pine wood grain, pine wood grain, Dashan wood grain, sand surface wood grain, etc. It can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment residence, office hall, villa, garden Wall decoration in many engineering fields such as scenic spots, old building renovations, mobile homes, guard booths, and environmental public toilets. The plate is suitable for new brick-concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures, light-body houses and other types of buildings. It is also suitable for the decoration energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and indoor and outdoor decoration, which makes the buildings beautiful and upgrades. .

The outer surface layer of the Dubai Metal Carved Board has been specially processed to produce a variety of different pattern textures. The patterns are diverse and vivid, and the colors are rich to meet different architectural styles. While beautifying the city, it also greatly enhances the taste and charm of the building, and is closely integrated with nature.

Dubai metal plate is becoming the first choice for more and more interior and exterior wall insulation and building materials.

  In the future development of long-term new building materials, we will uphold the new business philosophy of “serving the society, green and environmental protection, convenient and efficient, professional and specific”, adhere to fulfilling the social responsibility and obligations of the enterprise, and create a “long-term, stable and development”. "Science, technology, and international".




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