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Metal carved interior wall panel

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Metal carved interior wall panel

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  • Release date:2019/11/13
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The chamois red marble pattern, the red color is bright, can produce and process various patterns of carved plates according to requirements. The surface processing can be divided into plane, water ripple, elastic coating, brick pattern, etc., and the royal red marble metal carving board is used in large quantities. It has good decoration and energy saving functions in various public places and indoor and outdoor wall decoration.

Marble is widely used in home decoration because of its various colors and atmosphere. The colors are beautiful and varied, which can enhance the overall texture of the room, impact our vision and enjoy different feelings. There are different varieties of marble, and the range of colors is black and white sesame, water-grinding, and blush. The noble of the imitation of the ruthenium marble "has won the emperor's grace since I entered the palace. This dynasty Jiali 3,000, the emperor favored me alone, so I advised the emperor to be exposed to the rain, but the emperor is not listening." Whether friends will be like Xiaobian, when they see this passage, they will involuntarily emerge the funny and exaggerated face of Song Xiaobao. In the film and television drama, the nobles are truly unique, and their status is extraordinary.

The chaise-red marble metal carved board is rich in natural colors, rich in texture, elegant and generous, greatly improving the decorative effect and grade of the building, which makes it highlight the noble value and design charm, and the appearance is not lost. Product application range: interior and exterior decoration of public buildings, high-end residences and villas; squares, subways, platforms, leisure places; wall decorations for high-end hotels, swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens.



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