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Jinan Dubai introduces the cleaning method of metal carved plates

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Jinan Dubai introduces the cleaning method of metal carved plates

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1. Metal carving board is dirty and light when cleaning

Clean the dust and dirt with water, or wipe it with a soft cloth or a wet sponge that has been twisted with water. If you cannot touch it, use a special tool.

(Note: Do not use steel balls, metal brushes, nylon brushes and other tools to clean, this will scratch the surface of the metal carved plate.)

2, dirty heavy cleaning method

When the water does not wash off the stain of the metal plate, please use a soft cloth containing a neutral detergent (1-2% aqueous solution) to scrub the surface. (Note: Please do not use acidic, alkaline lotion, and banana water. Even if the stain can be washed away, it will cause discoloration and corrosion of the Baikal plate.

   Learn about the scope of metal engraved panels for better use. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian:

1. Metal curtain wall. 1 It is much richer than the commonly used aluminum-plastic panel texture and color. We can produce the required colors according to customers' requirements. 2 The price is 1/2 cheaper than the aluminum composite panel (used on the curtain wall). 3 The installation cost is lower than that of the aluminum-plastic panel, and it is not necessary to play the "#" word keel like an aluminum-plastic panel. 4 no need to embed parts

2. Renovation of the external wall. 1 It is not required to be directly fixed to the original wall surface by the base layer treatment. 2 The cost is cheaper than any product on the existing market. In the traditional exterior wall transformation, the original surface material must be removed first, which must damage the insulation layer (such as benzene board), thus increasing the transformation cost.

3. External insulation outside the wall. At present, the external wall insulation construction will produce cracks, 1 because the polystyrene board thin plastering external insulation is not enough design. 2 cast-in-place non-network polystyrene board outside the warm insulation compartment design. 3 rubber powder polystyrene board particles pre-mixed dry mix insulation material external wall insulation mechanism design and so on.

The above is about the introduction of metal carved panels, and it is also relatively convenient to use, I believe that there will be better development in the future.

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