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Metal carved insulation board for your development of metal engraved board and building materials

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Metal carved insulation board for your development of metal engraved board and building materials

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The development and trends of building materials range from natural materials to man-made materials, from inorganic materials to organic materials, from single materials to composite materials, from traditional materials to new materials. The development trend of building materials is: light weight, high strength, durability and versatility. The production of building materials will increasingly focus on protecting natural resources, using renewable resources, and reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. The development of building materials is closely related to the development of architectural design and construction materials. The variety and quantity of materials used in any country is an important indicator of the level of science and technology and economic development.


The metal engraved board is also a new type of thermal insulation material integrated with energy-saving decoration. The metal engraved insulation board has thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, light weight, simple construction, beautiful appearance and long service life. Products are widely used in high-rise buildings, modern villas, light steel workshops, mobile homes, exterior renovation of old buildings, scenic moving and permanent houses, environmentally friendly public toilets and various beautiful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings.

Jinan Dubai Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of metal engraving board, activity room and booth. The company has excellent technical strength, standardized management and perfect technology. It has entered the market with professional technology, leading equipment, scientific management methods and high-quality services, and has won wide acclaim from all walks of life.

Condensed history, no glory; looking to the future, there is a long way to go. On the development path of new building materials, we will uphold the new business philosophy of “serving the society, green and environmental protection, convenient and efficient, professional and specific”, adhere to the social responsibility and obligations of the company, and create “long-term, stable, development, science and technology, International" Evergreen Albert!


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