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Can the metal wall of the mobile booth wall be used?

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Can the metal wall of the mobile booth wall be used?

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The metal engraved board is a very popular insulation board, and the temperature of the booth in the community and the city is very poor. Then some people think of this kind of board, so it is questioned whether the mobile booth wall can use this kind of What about carved plates? Here is the answer to this question:

1, the answer is usable, also known as the external wall insulation decoration integrated board using environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, giving the building green protection and decoration.

2. The carved board solves the problem of the single function of the traditional material, so that the exterior wall decoration and the heat insulation are synchronized.

3, the surface is a very good color relief carved carved plate treated by a special layer, the middle layer is a hard high-density polyurethane foam insulation heat-insulating layer treated by flame retardant treatment, the bottom surface is used for heat insulation and moisture-proof effect Aluminum foil protective layer.

4. Mobile booths decorated with carved panels, due to their good thermal insulation effect, in summer, the indoor temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that of ordinary buildings, and the cost of building air-conditioning refrigeration can recover the material cost.

5. Because the wallboard itself has the characteristics of thermal insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, light and shockproof, convenient construction, noise reduction, green environmental protection, beautiful and durable, and because the plate assembly method is simple and practical, it is not hindered by the seasonal environment.

6. Therefore, the external wall of the mobile booth can use metal carved panels, which is very safe and convenient to install and use, suitable for all seasons. This innovative exterior insulation panel highlights its advantages.

Therefore, the outer wall of the mobile booth can be used with metal carved panels. The advent of the carved panels has solved the problem of the single function of traditional materials, so that more and more people use it to keep warm, so that the warmth of the booth can be guaranteed. We don't have to freeze it.


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