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Analyze the advantages of metal carved panels?

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Analyze the advantages of metal carved panels?

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People pursue health and environmental protection for their living environment. Metal carved panels have been widely used as a new type of green building materials. It fully meets the requirements of modern architecture. Today we will introduce what it needs to pay attention to during construction and paste.


The flatness of the metal engraved board determines the overall effect of the insulation board, and the flatness has a very large relationship with the adhesion of the base layer of the insulation board. Let us talk about it one by one.


The height difference between the benzene plates must be polished.

If the consistency of the setting of the glue is too low or the viscosity index of the bonding glue is not controlled, the initial viscosity of the glue will be too low. When the glue is attached to the wall, it will sag and cause the board to be empty and empty. paste. When the construction of the insulation layer is carried out, the metal carved surface of the outer wall cannot be squeezed evenly by both hands, but the end of the engraved board is forcefully pressed to cause the other end to be lifted, causing the other side of the board to be empty and virtual. .

The metal engraved board material has the functions of decoration and heat preservation. The appearance of the embossed lacquer on the galvanized sheet can form more than 100 kinds of artistic decoration effects such as mahogany, brick, bark, culture stone and marble; The metal carved plate effectively solves the problem of the single function of the traditional material, so that the decoration of the outer wall and the heat insulation are synchronized; the house decorated with the metal carved plate has a low indoor temperature compared with the ordinary building due to its good heat insulation effect. 3-5 degrees, only about 5-8 years, the cost of building air conditioning refrigeration is enough to recover the material cost.


Uses: used for exterior wall insulation and decoration; renovation of exterior walls of old buildings; production of guard posts, environmentally friendly toilets, residential container houses, and boxes.


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