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Analyze the use of metal engraved board installation precautions

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Analyze the use of metal engraved board installation precautions

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Metal engraved panels can be subdivided into many types. Today we introduce metal-embossed galvanized composite insulation boards.

It is made of alloy steel plate, which is made of special resin high temperature film, filled with rigid polyurethane foam insulation and paste aluminum foil. The metal-carved galvanized thermal insulation board is an energy-saving wall decoration building material developed in recent years. The surface is metal embossing, with various patterns such as brick, stone and water ripple. Seven special resin coatings, more than 50 colors to choose from, and guaranteed no fading for 10 years.

In the middle of the plate, the polyurethane foam constitutes a heat preservation and heat insulation layer, and the inside thereof is an independent closed bubble structure. The aluminum foil paper stuck on the back can effectively reflect the heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance of the heat source. The metal-carved galvanized composite insulation board is an excellent performance building material with high pressure resistance, moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance, durability, energy saving, convenient construction and environmental protection.


The metal carved plate is widely used in the wall insulation and interior decoration of the building exterior wall. It is a new type of green building material with high quality and low price and excellent quality.

What should we pay attention to during the process of use?

1. When handling and handling products, and when transporting and transporting, be careful to avoid collision and damage to the board.

2. The environment in which the board is placed should be ventilated and dry, and the site must be flat and solid.

3. When the metal engraved plate is used for cutting, the iron scraps will be attached to the surface and the incision of the plate, which is easy to rust. The remaining iron scraps should be carefully removed, and protective gloves should be taken when removing, so as not to scratch the hand.

4. Pay attention to the protection of the board surface during construction to avoid scratching and impact, and the tool hits the board.

5. Avoid construction work when it rains: During the construction process, prevent the inside of the plate from coming into contact with water, so as to prevent the internal water from corroding and rusting from the surface and shorten the service life.

6. The smudge on the surface caused by the construction, clean with medium-sized detergent, avoid using banana water to avoid damaging the topcoat of the board.

7. When the paint surface on the surface of the board is scratched, it should be repaired with special paint and the correct color should be used to prevent chromatic aberration.

8. Do not place live objects such as power supplies near the board during construction.

9, use the manufacturer's special accessories link.


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