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Metal carved insulation board, the reason why metal carved board is popular

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Metal carved insulation board, the reason why metal carved board is popular

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1. Decoration and heat insulation integration: The material has the functions of decoration and heat preservation. Through the embossing and baking of the alloy steel plate, various artistic decoration effects can be formed. The metal carved plate effectively solves the problem of the single function of the traditional decorative material. The exterior wall decoration and heat insulation can be carried out simultaneously; the house decorated with metal decorative insulation board, because of its good heat insulation effect, the indoor temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that of the ordinary building, only about 5 to 8 years, Recovering material costs by saving on air conditioning and refrigeration

2, finished installation: finished materials, reduce on-site processing, installation is easier and faster, can effectively reduce installation costs, speed up construction progress, shorten the construction period; effectively eliminate the operating environment and the uncertainty brought by workers to ensure quality Excellent and stable.

3, weathering durability: metal decorative insulation board topcoat is made of high weathering polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint, coated on the base alloy steel plate by baking paint process, the surface layer forms a dense quaternary crystal layer, effectively avoiding ordinary The cracking and shedding of the coating; the self-cleaning property of the metal decorative insulation board is relatively strong; the service life can reach more than 45 years.

4, wide adaptability: the construction of metal decorative insulation board uses keel hanging, the flatness and cleanliness of the base layer are relatively low; the plug-in installation between the board and the board, the joint seam, the yin and yang angle have corresponding accessories Fastening, basic elimination of rubber seals and joints, low humidity requirements for work; strong adaptability to various building structures such as brickwork, frame, shear wall and steel structure

5. Excellent environmental protection performance: Finished materials and dry hanging construction of metal engraved panels greatly reduce the use of auxiliary materials (such as mortar) on site construction to ensure a clean construction environment.


The main features of the metal engraved board are: excellent fire performance, thermal insulation and light insulation.

More than 100 kinds of embossed patterns and colors. Its self-cleaning property is relatively high and it is not easy to age, and it will not change from old to old. Applicable scenarios include: community security charges, school or company guards, garbage rooms, mobile offices, fire checkpoints, mobile police rooms, kiosks, etc.


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