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Metal plate is an excellent solution for the integration of exterior wall insulation!

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Metal plate is an excellent solution for the integration of exterior wall insulation!

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The metal-carved exterior wall insulation and decoration panel is a material that is often used when decorating the exterior wall. The main reason is that it is an integrated material, and its overall style is very good. In particular, it is possible to achieve a seamless connection. For those who like a unified style, this material is not a substitute for other materials, and other decoration materials cannot be comparable. The main reason why the metal engraving board can maintain the insulation effect is because it is an integrated decoration material. Because of this characteristic, it is said that its insulation effect is relatively good, and if it is compared with some other decoration materials, this is his own advantage, it can guarantee The temperature in the room is constant. It is also possible to reduce heat loss, so it is very beneficial to use this material in winter.

The metal engraved board is a new environmentally friendly material for the integration of building wall insulation and decoration. The metal-carved insulation and decoration panel is a new type of building material that has been promoted in recent years. It is a new type of building material that is strongly promoted by the country to protect the fire, moisture, heat, sound, and dust, and to reduce noise and green.

The surface of the metal-carved exterior wall insulation decorative board is made of a specially processed galvanized steel plate through a metal embossing machine, and a 3D embossed simulation of the traditional building material is formed on the surface, and an additional decoration such as a double hook structure can be formed on the surface thereof. Grain. With a secondary roll coating process, a total of more than 100 decorative patterns are available. The fluorocarbon lacquer coating on the surface guarantees no fading for 30 years and looks like new for a long time. The core layer inside the insulation board is a rigid foamed polyurethane insulation layer. You not only have the insulation effect, but also can achieve the b1 level fireproof effect, which functions as heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction. The wall panel adopts the male and female mouth plugging mode, and the installation is firm and convenient, and two people can install about 200 flats a day.

The metal-carved exterior wall insulation decorative board adopts the external wall dry hanging method, and the application is very wide, and is mainly applied to light steel buildings.


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