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Insulation metal engraving board that you should fully understand

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Insulation metal engraving board that you should fully understand

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External wall metal engraving board manufacturers tell you: you should fully understand the insulation metal carved board

The metal engraved board is composed of three parts: surface material, core material and inner material. It is a revolution of building decoration materials and a good substitute for exterior wall coatings and ceramic tiles. The sheet is suitable for a wide range of applications, and is suitable for decorative energy-saving renovation and interior decoration of existing buildings. The metal engraved board is ideal for environmental protection decoration materials, whether it is polluted in the environment or in the process of engineering use, and can be recycled.


Metal engraved panels are used as materials for the exterior wall decoration of light steel villas. For those who want to understand and build light steel villas, this article will be an article to help you understand the material well.


The Dubai Metal Plate is made up of three parts: surface material, core material and inner material. The advantages are as follows: long-term beauty, good sound insulation performance and flame retardant performance, strong heat preservation performance, health and safety, no pollution, quick installation, and the like.


The metal engraved board not only can play a good thermal insulation effect, but also can beautify and decorate. However, no matter what kind of materials have a service life, it is very necessary to increase the service life of the insulation board. It is necessary to do some waterproof measures. The Dubai factory will teach you some metal wall insulation. The method of waterproofing the material.


1. Asphalt waterproofing membrane: Asphalt is coated with base paper, fiber fabric and the like. Can be made into professional waterproof materials.


2, road waterproof fortification: waterproof equipment with professional waterproof level.


3. Green waterproofing membrane: Dip-coated asphalt with materials such as base paper, fiber mat and other carcass, sprinkled on the surface, and sheet material made of curlable sheet waterproof material.


4. Polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane: the synthetic polymer modified asphalt is used as the coating layer, the fiber fabric or the fiber felt is the carcass, and the sheet or film material is the covering material to make the curlable sheet waterproof. material.


The surface of the metal engraved plate is a high-quality color relief veneered metal plate treated with a special coating. The middle layer is a hard high-density polyurethane foam insulation heat-insulating layer that has been flame-retarded, and the bottom surface is insulated and moisture-proof. The protective aluminum foil layer. The presence of metal engraved panels enhances the overall performance of light steel villas.


Appearance: There are more than one hundred kinds of embossed patterns and colors in the metal engraved board. The overall look, luxurious and beautiful, highlights the owner's grade and taste.

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