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Exterior wall metal engraving board manufacturers take you to understand the application range of metal engraved panels

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Exterior wall metal engraving board manufacturers take you to understand the application range of metal engraved panels

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The metal engraved board is a new type of energy-saving light-weight building material developed in recent years. The surface is made of metal embossing, with various patterns such as brick, stone and water ripple. The lacquer finish is a special resin layer that is available in a variety of colors and is guaranteed to not fade for 10 years.

In the middle of the plate, polyurethane foam forms a heat-insulating and heat-insulating layer, and the inside thereof is an independent closed bubble structure. The aluminum foil paper stuck on the back can effectively reflect the heat source and play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance. The combination of bump and groove is very easy to construct.

Basic performance of metal engraved panels

1. The metal plate substrate on the outer layer of the metal engraved plate is made of color-coated aluminum alloy plate, color-coated aluminum-zinc plate, color-coated aluminum-zinc alloy plate, stainless steel plate and copper plate, etc., and is rolled using various equipment. Patterns that conform to the different styles of the architectural design or the owner's requirements, or are painted twice in various colors to form patterns such as imitation wood grain, stacked stone, fine stone, gravel, block, brick wall, etc. Architectural style and color appearance requirements, to achieve a certain artistic effect.

2. Insulation insulation materials are made of polystyrene foam (XPS, EPS), phenolic resin foam, honeycomb paper, honeycomb aluminum, rock wool and glass wool insulation materials, and also composite gypsum board and other sound insulation materials.

3. A good connection between the board and the board and the main structure, and a complete set of connecting parts and fittings, which not only meet the installation strength requirements, but also avoid the generation of cold (heat) bridges, after embossing The sheet has improved folding resistance and resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.

4. Absorbing many advantages of modern wall at home and abroad, it is suitable for civil and industrial buildings, including heat preservation, heat insulation, environmental protection, light weight, weather resistance, rainproof, antifreeze, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, ventilation, decoration, etc. It is a one-piece prefabricated board with good structure and connection. The metal engraved board has no cold (heat) bridge and no leakage. It effectively avoids falling off and cracking. It also has various textures, simple construction and no seasons. Restrictions, dry hanging and other characteristics.

The following small wall metal carved plate Xiaobian introduces several methods for judging the quality of the carved plate:

1. When you purchase, you can tap the stone to check the firmness, knock the surface, listen to the sound and feel the touch. If the quality of the stone is strong, it will give a crisp and solid sound to avoid picking up the slight crack inside. Stone.

2. If there is crack in the structural surface, there is a risk of easy breakage in the future, which is not very beautiful for the large-scale texture of the stone.

3. Observe the surface structure of the stone with the naked eye. The finer the particles, the better the quality.

Metal engraved panels can last for decades or even hundreds of years under normal conditions, so we should choose from the color system, patterns, capillary water absorption, hardness, etc., to avoid us to buy low quality product.

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