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Metal carved insulation board: how to install metal carved board in high-rise building

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Metal carved insulation board: how to install metal carved board in high-rise building

Release date:2019-08-24 Author: Click:

Metal carved insulation board: how to install metal carved board in high-rise building

   How to install metal carved panels in high-rise buildings? The metal-carved insulation board considers that the metal-engraved board can greatly enhance the design and aesthetics of the building, and the price of the metal-engraved board is also very different. How to install metal carved panels for high-rise buildings? Metal carved insulation board manufacturers to tell you about it.

    The installation of metal engraved panels in the outer layer of high-rise buildings is undoubtedly an increase in the difficulty of work. The cleaning of walls and the installation of metal engraved panels are some of the more difficult tasks. In the following, the metal engraved insulation board manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to how the high-rise building is equipped with metal engraving panels.


1. Metal-carved insulation board manufacturers believe that the base surface requires three forms of high-rise building exterior wall:

(1) Concrete shear wall

(2) Clay porous brick filling

(3) Filling block filling.

 (1) The base surface should be chemically treated with physical tooth or interface agent and then brushed with 1:3 mortar. If the flatness itself is good, after the interface agent treatment, the metal carved plate can be directly pasted with the bonding mortar. .

 (2) The base surface is directly painted with 1:3 cement mortar, the flatness requirement is ≤5mm, and the beam-column lap joint is reinforced with steel mesh cloth according to the specification.

 (3) The base surface is treated with the interface agent first, then smoothed with 1:3 cement mortar, and the flatness and the reinforcement of the beam and column are the same.

   2. Paste: The metal engraved board manufacturer recommends using a special bonded sand metal engraved board to paste the wall, using the strip method or the frame method to construct the bonded area, the upper layer is strictly controlled at 60% or more, and gently Beat, level, and compact.

   3, metal engraved board manufacturers believe that the seam waterproofing treatment of high-rise building exterior insulation project is afraid of water seepage problem, the board seam is waterproof and reinforcing treatment, first with waterproof adhesive sealant to paint, after 10 cm The left and right wide reinforcing fiber cloth is applied to improve the crack resistance and sealing of the joint.

   4. For plastering mortar and reinforced mesh construction, if using glass fiber mesh construction, first apply the first mortar, press it into the glass fiber mesh and use plastic anchor bolt to reinforce, then apply the second plastering mortar, thickness ≥3mm . Reinforce with steel wire mesh, first fix the steel wire mesh on the surface of the metal carved plate, then anchor it on the wall with metal fasteners, and then use the plastering mortar to paint twice, with an interval of >6h and a thickness of ≥5mm. After the construction of the insulation layer is completed, it will enter the face brick finishing project.

The above is the content that the metal carved insulation board manufacturer introduced to you today. I hope it can help everyone. If you still want to know more about the metal engraving board, you can check out the news we updated.

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