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What are the construction advantages of metal engraved panels?

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What are the construction advantages of metal engraved panels?

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What are the construction advantages of metal engraved panels?

The metal engraved board is an ideal new type of building material. It has the advantages of traditional reinforced concrete slabs with good integrity and high safety. However, it has the disadvantage of heavy concrete slabs and complicated construction, which satisfies the new generation of buildings. It is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It can achieve ideal and economical construction effects on structures with high safety requirements such as bridge engineering. There are many specifications for metal engraved plates. Depending on the field of use, there are certain requirements and differences in materials, workmanship and even performance parameters. However, the common point is that it adopts a one-step casting process. The finished product has good integrity, good rigidity and strength, and can meet the requirements of road asphalt construction with high safety, seismic requirements and large span.

Compared with the same type of plate, it has the following significant advantages: the material source is wide, it is convenient for large-scale and continuous production, and its quality can be more reliably guaranteed; steel is a material that can be recycled, so it is more It meets the requirements of environmental protection; its surface can be processed in various styles according to requirements, and the appearance effect is better; the comprehensive mechanical performance is better, which can meet the contradiction between other materials and short plates;


1. Discharge the line, according to the requirements of the design drawings and the geometric dimensions, hang up the majority of the surface to be affixed with the metal panel, and measure and release the line to determine the size and quantity of the facing wall panel.

2. Fixing the skeleton connecting piece, the horizontal and vertical rod members of the skeleton are fixed by the connecting member and the structure, and the connecting member and the structure are fixed by the expansion bolts, and the line is opened at the bolt position during the construction.

3, fixed skeleton, the skeleton is installed after anti-corrosion treatment, the position is required to be accurate, the combination should be firm, the center line should be fully inspected after installation, the surface should be elevated, in order to ensure the precision of the installation of the veneer, it is advisable to use the theodolite to the horizontal and vertical pole The pieces are penetrated and the deformation joints need to be properly handled.

4, metal veneer installation, wall panel installation sequence is from the edge of each wall vertical to the first row of the first row of the lower plate, bottom-up installation, the first row of the wall is installed Then install the second row. After each installation of 10 rows of wall panels, the wire should be inspected once to eliminate errors in time.

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