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Metal engraved board manufacturers: the method of correctly using metal engraved panels

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Metal engraved board manufacturers: the method of correctly using metal engraved panels

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Metal engraved board manufacturers: the method of correctly using metal engraved panels

Because the metal engraved board can be used for a long time and has a very beautiful style, the sound insulation effect is also good, and it is very popular among the building materials industry. When we buy it, many users will not respond to it, so let me introduce you. How to use it:

1. During transportation:

Reduce vibration to prevent collision and rain, place the environment to be ventilated and dry, and the site needs to be flat and solid.

2, transportation tools:

The bottom surface needs to be flat. After horizontal loading, the carved plate should be fixed to avoid damage to the product caused by excessive binding of the carved plate.

3, carrying carved board:

The length direction of the sheet should be used as the force side, and careful handling should be carried out to avoid collision and damage to the sheet.

4. When loading and unloading the carved board:

When transporting a single sheet, the sheet should be handled upright to avoid deformation of the sheet.

5. When opening the metal engraved board packaging:

It should be laid flat first, then unsealed from the top of the product packaging, and the plate removed from top to bottom.

6. During construction:

Care should be taken to protect the surface of the carved board to avoid scratching and impact, and to avoid construction work when it rains.

7. During the construction process:

1 Prevent the inside of the engraved plate from coming into contact with water, so as to prevent the internal water from seeping out from the surface, causing corrosion and rust on the surface of the plate to shorten the service life of the plate.

2 Avoid use in high temperature, high humidity, and acid emissions, such as boiler rooms, combustion chambers, hot springs, and paper mills.

8. When placed in the open air:

The embossed board should be completely covered with a tarpaulin.

9. When storing the carved board:

Keep away from high temperature and high humidity areas, and do not mix with oil, chemicals and other corrosive materials.

10. The surface of the wall has supporting members such as air conditioners and exhaust vents. The welding and other processes should be carried out before the wallboard and insulation materials are laid.

11. When using the square wood support pad, make sure that the flower plate does not deform.

12. Do not open the seal from the side to avoid scratching the board surface.

13. For the railings protruding from the wall, the air-conditioning wall pipe and the condensing water pipe, etc., the corresponding size should be reserved before the plate is installed. Do not open the hole after the plate is installed.

14. After the carved plate is cut, the surface of the plate and the incision will be attached with cutting iron scraps. It is easy to rust and the remaining iron scraps should be cleaned up.

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