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Metal carved insulation board: new trend of metal carved board booth

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Metal carved insulation board: new trend of metal carved board booth

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Metal carved insulation board: new trend of metal carved board booth

The metal carved plate sentry box is mainly made of metal carved plate as the thermal insulation decoration of the external wall of the house. The apex design is adopted, the colors and patterns are rich and varied, and can be changed according to the environment, which can fully meet the requirements of different customers.

This kind of booth is not only beautiful and simple, but also simple and convenient to construct, and practical.

Metal carved board booths have the following advantages:

1. Beautiful decoration: The overall appearance of the booth is beautiful and generous, the color is bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, and it has a good decorative effect.

2, rich in texture: a variety of colors can be arbitrarily matched. Brick, stone and marble lines are available.

3. Light weight, strong hardness and convenient construction: the outer wall is made of polyurethane and tin foil foam. Therefore, the handling is easy, the installation is very convenient, and the construction is quick.

4, fire retardant, heat insulation: the metal carved plate sandwiches the thermal insulation layer, which is one of the excellent thermal insulation building materials in the current construction market.

5, waterproof, moisture-proof performance: there is a gusset plate at the joint of the plate, no seams. Polyurethane foamed foam has low water absorption and excellent water and moisture resistance.

6, long service life: light steel structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint, the normal service life is longer.

7, a wide range of applications: residential, property, duty, sales, ticket sales, factories, shopping malls, schools, parking lots and other places.

Jinan Dubai Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of metal engraved panels, movable houses and sentry boxes. The company's technical strength is excellent, with professional technology, leading equipment, scientific management methods, high-quality services to enter the market, has been widely praised by the community.

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