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The exterior metal carved panel tells you how to install the metal carved plate?

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The exterior metal carved panel tells you how to install the metal carved plate?

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Installation of metal engraved panels:

1. Drilling holes for electric drill 2. Install expansion screws or self-tapping screws. 3. Insert into the splicing card slot.


1 Place the metal carved plate on the wall, first plug the electric drill into the power supply, and then use the electric drill to punch the wall through the metal carved plate link;

2 Install the expansion screw at the punching hole, and then fix it with self-tapping screws;

3 Place another board on the fixed metal engraving board and insert the groove of the other board into the fixed metal engraving board slot. Then repeat the above operation.

After the metal engraved panels are all installed, the exterior wall is decorated with beautiful appearance, thermal insulation, fireproof and moisture proof.

The company is a high-tech industry integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of metal engraving board, activity room and booth. The company has excellent technical strength, advanced production equipment assembly line, can produce a variety of pattern patterns such as brick pattern, water ripple, marble pattern, etc., the seam brick is distinct, the contrast is obvious, the texture is prominent, the stereo effect simulation, there are many The embossed pattern and color can be combined to give the building design a greater space for play. It is the high-end choice for the interior and exterior wall antique decorative floor!


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