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Introducing the installation of metal carved insulation board program

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Introducing the installation of metal carved insulation board program

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The metal carved insulation board has good decoration and heat preservation, but the premise is that it must be installed in place. If the installation is not correct, the effect may not be achieved. The specific installation procedure can refer to the following four points.

(1) Sheet handling

When the metal carved insulation board is set up for transportation, it is not possible to directly lift the two ends of the board. Lift it as far as possible from the board to the distance of 1m-1.5m. Do not break the board. When placing the board, be sure to put some soft things underneath. It must be leveled. In order to avoid compression and deformation of the board when it is placed for a long time; the board should also be placed in the hanging basket; the height of the board should be 60cm or more from the ground to avoid being washed and splashed by rain.


(2) sheet cutting

When the board is cut, the material is cut after the elastic line, and the cutting board should be square and can not be cut obliquely. When cutting, the size mark should be made. The same size should be put together to facilitate the use of the construction personnel, and some cuts will be attached to the side of the board. Chips, easy to rust, so wipe the cuttings with a cloth after cutting.

(3) Plate installation

When installing the board, do not let the board be recessed. Do not place the power-charged items close to the board to avoid danger. Pay attention to the fact that the board cuts must be installed flush, which not only increases the appearance, but also ensures the verticality of the wrap angle in the future. When there is a scratch on the sprayed surface, repair it with special repaired paint. Connect the plate to the keel to prevent lightning. Do not use insulating material to fix the plate. When encountering objects such as downpipes and air conditioners, on the board. After the punching, the hard foaming urethane is deteriorated and causes rust, so it is necessary to perform water repellency and rust prevention.

(4) Plate installation control error

When installing the metal-carved insulation board, use a special tool to gently and evenly squeeze the board, and check the flatness and verticality with a 2 meter ruler and a support board at any time. The surface is flattened with a 2m ruler and a feeler gauge. The verticality is checked with a vertical measuring ruler. The full height H/1000 and no more than 20 mm are checked with the theodolite or the hanging wire and the ruler. The expansion screw has a spacing of 70 cm and the specification is 98*80.

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