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Explain the characteristics of the metal carved plate

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Explain the characteristics of the metal carved plate

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Explain the characteristics of the metal carved plate

As a new type of thermal insulation material, metal engraved board has gained a good reputation in the building materials market. Many of its characteristics are not found in traditional thermal insulation materials. Its appearance fills the short board of traditional thermal insulation materials. For everyone to analyze in detail the unique charm of the metal carved board.


1. Decoration and heat insulation integration

With decoration and heat preservation function, in appearance, after embossing and baking paint on alloy steel plate, it can form various kinds of art decoration effects such as red wood grain, culture stone, marble, mosaic, etc.; have good heat insulation effect, summer, indoor temperature is relatively Generally, the construction should be 3-5 degrees lower, and it takes only about 5-8 years to build the cost savings in air conditioning and refrigeration.

2, product equipment

The product is materialized, and the processing of the site is reduced. The device is simpler and more convenient. It can be used to reduce the cost of the device, speed up the construction schedule and shorten the construction period. It can effectively eliminate the uncertainty of the working environment and workers and ensure the quality. And it is stable.

3, weathering durability

The metal-carved thermal insulation board topcoat is made of high weather-resistant polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint. It is coated on the steel sheet of the bottom alloy by baking paint technology. The surface layer forms a fine quaternary crystal layer to prevent the general coating from cracking and falling. The appearance of falling; self-cleaning is strong, ensuring beautiful appearance at the moment, no fading in the field for 10 to 15 years; the bottom steel plate is made of galvanized zinc alloy steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance and can last for more than 45 years.

4, strong sound insulation

Its soundproofing is comparable to the high-rise double-glazed windows. Noise such as airplanes, trams, highways, and noise in various residential environments can be greatly reduced. It is a human ear sensitive 250-1000hz audio, which can express its excellent functions and create a comfortable living environment.

5, safer and more environmentally friendly

The board contains no asbestos and other radioactive materials, and its auxiliary materials also use non-toxic and harmless environmental protection materials, which will not damage the health of construction workers and resident users, and will not pollute the environment.

6, convenient construction

Technical specifications, convenient operation, and common overlapping angle processing technology, the bonding of the plates is tight. During the construction process, the plates can be sawed and nailed, and the splicing is convenient. The method of splicing the plug-in device to hide the device node is also useful to prevent the cold bridge from happening together.

The perfect attribute of the metal plate is so impeccable, it has been recognized by the industry. As a new green material, it has promoted the development of the whole industry and will become the "darling" in the building materials market. Jinan Dubai's metal engraving board is the leader in the industry, and it is an advantage that many insulation board manufacturers do not have. The choice of Jinan Dubai is your worry-free guarantee.


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