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According to the performance of metal insulation panels, it is widely used in construction.

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According to the performance of metal insulation panels, it is widely used in construction.

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         According to the performance of metal insulation panels, it is widely used in construction.


The metal heat preservation decorative board is made of galvanized zinc alloy steel plate, high weathering baking varnish and hard expanded polystyrene. The surface is formed by metal embossing and baking varnish to form cultural stone, mosaic, marble and mahogany. Art deco effect, more than three hundred colors to choose from.

The product is mainly used for energy-saving decoration of various buildings and renovation of old buildings, including various office buildings, villas, hotels, gymnasiums, etc., various temporary buildings, such as sentry boxes, kiosks and integrated villas.

Metal insulation decorative board features:

1. Decoration and heat insulation integration:

The material also has the functions of decoration and heat preservation. By embossing and baking the alloy steel plate, various art decoration effects such as mahogany, culture stone, marble and mosaic can be formed;

The composite polyurethane insulation layer of the metal decorative insulation board effectively solves the problem of the single function of the traditional decorative material, and the exterior wall decoration and the heat insulation are synchronously carried out; the house is decorated with the metal decorative insulation board because of its good heat insulation effect.

2, finished installation:

Finished materials, minimize on-site processing, easier and faster installation, can effectively reduce installation costs, speed up construction progress, and shorten the construction period;

Effectively eliminate the uncertainty brought by the working environment and workers, ensure the quality is excellent and stable; overcome the decorative quality problems caused by traditional materials due to accessories, workers' operations, grassroots and other reasons: such as paint cracking, tile falling off and so on.

3, weather resistance durability:

The metal decorative insulation board topcoat is made of high weathering polyester lacquer or fluorocarbon lacquer. It is coated on the alloy steel plate of the base layer by baking paint process, and the surface layer forms a dense quaternary crystal layer, which effectively avoids the cracking and falling off of the ordinary coating. ;

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