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Construction regulations for exterior wall insulation panels

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Construction regulations for exterior wall insulation panels

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Metal engraving board manufacturers introduce you to the installation steps of metal engraved panels

The metal engraved plate is an ideal new type of building material. It has the advantages of good integrity and high safety of traditional reinforced concrete slabs. However, it has the disadvantage of heavy concrete slabs and complicated construction, which meets the needs of a new generation of buildings. The new requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection can also achieve ideal and economical construction effects on structures with high safety requirements such as bridge engineering.


There are many models and specifications. Depending on the field of use, there are certain requirements and differences in materials, workmanship and even performance parameters. However, the common point is that it adopts a one-step casting process. The finished product has good integrity, good rigidity and strength, and can meet the requirements of road asphalt construction with high safety, seismic requirements and large span.


Compared with the same type of plate, it has the following significant advantages: the material source is wide, it is convenient for large-scale and continuous production, and its quality can be reliably guaranteed; the steel is recyclable material, so it is more environmentally friendly. Requirements; the surface can be processed in various styles according to requirements, the appearance effect is better; the performance of the comprehensive machinery is excellent, and it can meet the contradiction between other materials and short plates;


The metal engraved board is not only beautiful, has many patterns and has a good thermal insulation effect. If you want it to have a good effect, then we have to install it correctly. The metal engraving board manufacturer will introduce it to you. installation steps:


1. When the main frame structure is completed, it is necessary to measure according to the actual requirements of the site according to the requirements of the design, draw the plate drawing, and process the wallboard.


2. The installation plan or operation instruction book should be prepared before installation. The construction plan should be approved by the engineer, and the operation instruction book should be approved by the technical person in charge of the branch.


3. Before the wall panel is installed, the technical safety disclosure shall be carried out step by step according to the construction plan or operation instruction book, and the person handed over and the person to be handed over shall sign the record of the delivery.


4. The metal carved panel wall panel has been transported into the construction site, stacked according to the number and checked and checked in all aspects according to the design requirements and specifications, including quantity, specification, model, thickness and appearance quality. For wall panels that do not meet the requirements, they should be returned immediately. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified products for engineering.


5. Find the high level according to the design requirements. Pop the horizontal line on the inclined beam. According to the layout board of the wall board manufacturer, accurately locate the embedded parts and find the center line of the embedded parts.


6. Check the quantity specifications of chemical anchor bolts, steel plates and angle steels, which should meet the requirements for continuous installation.


7. The mechanical equipment used for wall panel installation has entered the construction site and is inspected for repair and maintenance. In good condition, the tools required for wall panel installation are ready.

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