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External wall insulation decorative board

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External wall insulation decorative board

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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BZW-008-Desert Yellow



Analysis of the types of exterior wall insulation materials

At present, there are new products appearing on the exterior wall insulation materials, and new products such as metal-carved insulation boards have emerged, which has also increased the number of products for the industry. There are two main types of equipment for producing exterior wall insulation materials: Dry powder mixer, the second is a special external wall insulation mortar equipment. These two devices have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are analyzed in detail below.

As the external wall insulation materials are known, the external wall insulation materials have very strict requirements on the mixing process. If the materials are mixed unevenly or the damage rate is high, the insulation performance of the materials will be affected. The general dry powder mixer can also be used as an external wall insulation material mixing equipment, but only the general external wall insulation material can be mixed. The external wall insulation products produced by the company have general insulation performance and are suitable for the construction community with low requirements on thermal insulation performance.

A single external wall thermal insulation mortar equipment, such as inorganic hollow vitrified microbead equipment, is a special mixing equipment for vitrified microbeads. This equipment is ideal for mixing vitrified microbeads. It is highly efficient in mixing, and the insulation material produced is the best because of the relatively low breakage rate of the double cone. At present, there are not many manufacturers producing such equipment, and there are only a few productions in China. With the emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, new types of exterior wall insulation mortar equipment will gradually be widely promoted.

Compared with the traditional dry powder mixer, the external wall insulation mortar equipment has the characteristics of high mixing efficiency, no material breakage and no influence on the physical properties of the material. It is an ideal equipment for producing exterior wall insulation materials.


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