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Exterior metal decorative panel

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Exterior metal decorative panel

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BZW-010-Angel White


Wall requirements and installation preparation for external wall insulation board construction

Metal-carved insulation board occupies a considerable market in the new exterior wall insulation materials, and with the improvement of national external wall insulation and energy-saving requirements, the application of metal-carved insulation boards will be more and more, we often say the external wall The role of the insulation board, but often forgot the requirements for the wall during construction. The success or failure of the construction of the external wall insulation board is inseparable from the situation of the wall. Which standards do you need to meet?


Before the construction of the metal carved insulation board, the base layer of the wall should be dry, solid, and voucher. The surface should be clean and free from oil and dirt. The surface flatness is not more than 4 mm. The raised, hollow and loose parts should be removed and leveled with 1:3 cement mortar; the flatness should be ±2 mm. For the surface layer that is too dry or too high in water absorption, the bonding test should be done first; in the external thermal insulation system, the glue and the insulation board are bonded, and after 5 minutes, the insulation board is removed and reattached to the original position, if still used The hand movement is qualified and is responsible for indicating that the base layer is too dry or too high (ie, the viscosity of the test mortar).


The wall should be cleaned before installing the metal-carved insulation board, so that there are no oil, paint, weathering and dirt. This will extend the life of the external wall insulation board. Rinse with high pressure water before installation if necessary.


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