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External wall metal insulation board

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External wall metal insulation board

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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BZW-012-Netted Red


Introduction to the significance of the existence of thermal insulation materials for external wall insulation boards

The energy-saving material of the external wall insulation board belongs to the thermal insulation material. Insulation materials include both insulation and cold insulation materials. Do you know the meaning of the exterior insulation board?

Insulation material meaning

On the one hand, it is to meet the thermal environment of the building space or thermal equipment.

On the other hand, it is to save energy. Such as: perlite insulation board, A-class fire insulation board with the increasing energy of the world. By using adiabatic enclosure materials, energy savings of 50% to 80% can be achieved on an existing basis. The practice of external wall insulation board experts from Japan's energy-saving practice proves that every 1 ton of insulation material can save 3 tons/year of standard coal, and the energy-saving benefit is 10 times the cost of material production. Some countries regard insulative materials as the five “energy sources” after coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy.

The six basic requirements of the standard for exterior wall insulation boards remind the architects and real estate developers of the issues that should be noted in architectural design. Correct understanding and use of standardization standards; re-use of plasticity of insulation materials; system for understanding exterior insulation is a system. It is by no means a patchwork of simple materials; it is designed to strengthen the wind pressure; pay attention to the structure of the overturning; pay attention to the penetration of water vapor in the external insulation system.


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