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Metal exterior wall carved board

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Metal exterior wall carved board

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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Elastic smear (beige)



The correct storage method for metal carved exterior wall panels:

1. Prohibition of fire

Regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, any place where metal carved wall panels are placed should be prohibited from any type of fire. Flammable and explosive dangerous goods should not be placed around it.

2, control the amount of storage

Some people think that placing all the metal carved exterior wall panels on the construction site will facilitate the use of materials and save time. However, the construction site should not store too much insulation material. Due to the limited site at the construction site, in addition to the building materials, there are construction workers and construction tools in a certain area. Once the materials on the site are piled up too much, the area used on the site will be insufficient, and the scope of personnel activities will be reduced. The progress does not help, but will affect the progress and quality of the construction.

3, prohibit heavy pressure

After stacking on site, do not place heavy objects on top of it to avoid breaking or breaking the insulation. The height of material stacking is also limited. If the height is too high, the weight will increase, the underlying material will be easily damaged, and it will be easy to tilt down, posing a threat to personnel safety.

4, keep ventilation

In the indoor construction environment, be sure to pay attention to ventilation and ventilation. In this way, the turbid air and toxic substances in the room can be discharged to ensure the convection of the air in the room, and the fine floating objects such as dust and particles can be prevented from being accumulated indoors to a certain extent to cause an explosion, which threatens the safety of the construction personnel.

There are two main reasons for the fire on the siding. One is that the decorative panels used are the ones with lower fire rating, and the other is that the construction workers are not properly stored and supervised according to regulations. Controlling these two aspects can reduce the occurrence of fires, and it is very important to master the correct storage method for the exterior wall panels.


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