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Exterior wall decoration insulation board

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Exterior wall decoration insulation board

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Elastic smear (light grey)



Key points in the application of integral wall insulation board construction


The surface coating of the exterior wall insulation board will determine the overall appearance of the system. System coatings require long-life, weather-resistant, stain-resistant coatings. We generally advocate the use of fluorocarbon coatings. Fluorocarbon coatings are commonly known as "king of paint", and their cost performance is unmatched by other coatings.

I. Monitoring of construction conditions

1. The base wall should meet the requirements of acceptance criteria. When the flatness of the base wall does not meet the requirements, the construction party is required to use 1:3 cement mortar to level, and the construction acceptance at the grassroots level, the installation of the door and window frame and the attached pipeline equipment. After the position is in place.

2. The ambient temperature during construction should not be lower than 5 °C, the wind should not be greater than 5, and no rainy days should be applied without protective measures.

Second, key control points

1. The pasting project should re-examine the following materials and their performance indexes: setting time, installation and compressive strength of cement for bonding; water absorption, frost resistance and impact resistance of insulation board;

2, the paste project should be accepted for the following concealed items: the base layer treatment; the bonding point of the board and the base layer and the bonded area; the anchor is installed;

3. Before the pasting and during the construction process, the sample parts should be made on the same base layer, and the bond strength of the insulation board of the sample parts should be tested.

4. The base wall, insulation board, cement and adhesive for bonding, and caulking materials shall meet the design requirements and relevant current standards.

5, the outer wall decorative insulation board and the base layer bonding point arrangement, bonding area should comply with the provisions of this standard.


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