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Exterior metal decorative panel

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Exterior metal decorative panel

  • Classification:Elastic Coated Metal Carved Plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/16
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Elastic smear (dark gray ditch)


What are the classifications of exterior metal decorative panels?


In this fast-growing era, people struggle every day, in order to make more money, and then to buy a house. But some people will choose to go to the suburbs to buy a villa. After the purchase, it is necessary to decorate, then the exterior of the villa is the first key decoration. Xiaobian introduces the classification of exterior metal decorative panels.

Fiber cement siding

The use of fiber cement boards for exterior walls has become commonplace abroad, but it has been a matter of recent years in China. It is low in cost, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to construct, and easy to engrave and can create a simple and natural architectural style. It has been used in some national projects.

Stone wall hanging board

Stone is also a common siding and is used by many buildings. The defects of stone, first, some stones have radiation, which will cause certain damage to the human body; second, stone is a non-renewable resource; third, it is heavy, and the requirements for external wall and steel structure are very high.

Solid wood wall hanging board

The solid wood siding material is intimate, and wood is the earliest natural material used by human beings. It is also the only renewable material in the world's four major materials that can naturally degrade biological resources. The raw material of the external solid wood hanging board is made of water as a solvent, and the effective anti-corrosion agent is dissolved in the water.


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