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Metal exterior wall insulation board

Metal exterior wall insulation board

  • Classification:Wide And Narrow Brick Metal Carved Plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/14
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Exterior wall insulation panels create true “green” building materials


Winter is already in sight, and for cold weather, the exterior wall construction may have stopped. Many construction sites have begun to grasp the last bit of warmth and want to keep the exterior wall warm. The external wall insulation decorative board not only has low cost, but also has remarkable effect of heat preservation and energy saving. After the listing, it has quickly triggered the market's enthusiasm, and it is widely used in many high-end residential, hospital and factory office buildings. As China's urbanization process accelerates, in order to save energy and heat insulation, buildings are generally insulated with insulation materials on the exterior walls, and the temperature in the cold winter rooms will not be lost.

Traditional exterior walls are generally independent of the decorative materials and insulation materials. Users purchase them from different manufacturers and are constructed by different units.

The 13th Five-Year Plan for Building Energy Efficiency and Green Building Development issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development puts forward the principle of comprehensively promoting the development of green buildings. It can be seen that the prospect of green buildings in China is very clear.

Wide range of applications; protect the main structure, extend the life of the building; help to stabilize the room temperature, improve the quality of the indoor thermal environment, thereby improving the energy-saving effect; help to improve the waterproof and airtightness of the wall; easy to the old building Energy-saving transformation; the amount of insulation material can be relatively reduced.

The above advantages determine the exterior wall insulation panels to become an important raw material for building a truly “green” building. The exterior wall insulation panel not only provides residents with a warm and comfortable living environment, but also can be upgraded in appearance. If the occupants are not provided with a healthy, comfortable and efficient space, the building loses its most basic functional attributes.




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