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Metal insulation carved board

Metal insulation carved board

  • Classification:Wide And Narrow Brick Metal Carved Plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/14
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The metal heat-insulating carved board is a new type of light-weight building material which is more practical at present. It has a decorative effect, life-saving, environmental protection, heat preservation, waterproof, etc., especially the construction dry hanging method, saving labor and economy, can greatly shorten the construction period, and not The building waste is quite obvious. Meishu metal insulation engraved plate production adopts galvanized steel plate and rigid foamed polyurethane. It is pressed and formed by large pressure equipment and foamed at high temperature in the oven. The manufacturing process is all standardized and industrialized, which fully guarantees the stability of its performance. Sex and safety, in line with national green energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Meishu Metal Insulation Carving Board has been widely recognized and promoted by the construction industry for its superior performance, and is recognized as one of the new wall materials with development potential.

Metal heat preservation engraving board requirements for climate environment

1. Avoid construction in a windy and rainy environment, because the surface of Meishu Metal Insulation Board is a metal layer to avoid damage to the human body caused by over-current.

2. Materials that have not been hardened should be protected from relatively harsh climatic conditions. In particular, avoid the scouring of rainwater. If necessary, the newly constructed wall should be protected.

Second, the board requirements for the climate environment requirements for the construction environment

1. There shall be no smudges, dust or grease on the surface of the wall. The wall shall be free from defects such as hollow drums, cracks and delamination.

2. The wall should have sufficient strength, especially the surface of the wall should have sufficient adhesion.

3, the wall flatness requirement is 4ram/2.0m. The yin and yang angle should be vertical level, and the plastering surface should meet the general plastering quality acceptance requirements in general plastering.

4. Construction process and operation points of the thermal insulation decorative integrated board.




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