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Metal insulation decorative board

Metal insulation decorative board

  • Classification:Wide And Narrow Brick Metal Carved Plate

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  • Release date:2019/11/14
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Metal insulation panels improve villa standards

Composition of metal insulation decorative panels

The metal thermal insulation decorative board is mainly composed of three parts: the surface is made of galvanized steel plate treated by special process, the middle layer is hard foamed polyurethane as insulation layer, and the inner layer is made of aluminum foil paper or fiberglass cloth.

Metal insulation decorative board excellent performance

▼ significant energy saving effect

Four core technologies: special galvanized steel, rigid foamed polyurethane, reflective film, air layer. The theoretical life is over 45 years and the recovery rate is 99%.

▼ Construction is simpler

The customized processing of the project is completed, and the dry construction is adopted on the site. The construction process is simple and is not affected by the season, which greatly shortens the construction period.

▼The decoration effect is stronger

The inside and outside of the plate are processed by special techniques, and the effect patterns that can be pressed into different textures are rich and varied, which can satisfy the style of different buildings.

▼ cost-effective

The insulation material is good, the weight is light, the load of the whole structure is reduced, and the air layer procurement in the system is combined in various ways to achieve double energy saving effect.

The metal heat preservation decorative board is composed of three parts: a surface material, a core material and a material inside. Advantages: It can maintain beautiful appearance for a long time, has good sound insulation performance and flame retardant performance, strong heat preservation performance, health and safety, no pollution, and quick installation.




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