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Metal insulation carved board

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Metal insulation carved board

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  • Release date:2019/11/14
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Metal decorative insulation board system advantages

 Make the building warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, the room can store more heat, the room temperature is relatively stable, and the “free heat” generated by the indoor itself can be utilized. The warm layer can reduce the combined effects of solar radiation and high temperature, the surface temperature of the external wall surface and the indoor surface. The temperature is reduced, which significantly improves the comfort of the living environment and is beneficial to people's health.

Metal decorative insulation panels can effectively avoid cold bridges. The cold bridge factory occurs in sensitive parts such as reinforced concrete columns, ring beams, floor slabs and male corners of buildings. The cold bridge not only causes additional heat loss, but also makes the inner surface of the outer wall moist, frosted and even moldy. Drowning.

It can extend the life of the building. The internal brick wall or concrete is protected. The temperature change inside the wall caused by the change of outdoor climate only occurs in the outer insulation layer, which makes the temperature of the internal main wall increase in winter, the temperature in summer decreases, the temperature changes in the four seasons are gentle, and the thermal stress It will be reduced, so that problems such as cracks, deformation, and damage of the main wall can be prevented, and the service life can be extended.

It has beautiful decorative appearance. The outer surface of the metal decorative insulation board can be used as a natural stone, imitation metal aluminum composite panel curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall, veneer tile and other decorative effects to meet the requirements of high-grade exterior decoration.

It has high cost performance and convenient installation. The metal decorative insulation board used is light in weight, dry, non-polluting and quick in construction. For the renovation of old buildings, there is no need to deal with the base layer and install the hanging plates directly.




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