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Metal insulation decorative board

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Metal insulation decorative board

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Jinan Dubai metal carved insulation board excellent performance

Dubai Metal Insulation Board absorbs many advantages of modern wall materials at home and abroad. It is insulated, decorated, insulated, environmentally friendly, flame retardant, weather resistant, rainproof, frostproof, soundproof, seismic resistant, light in weight and low footprint. Multi-functional integrated sheet is one of the most popular light-weight and energy-saving environmentally-friendly building materials in the world.

Metal-carved insulation boards are available in a variety of textured finishes such as brick, spray, wood, orange, stripes, cultural stone and hundreds of colors, and guarantee that the coating will not fade for ten years. The specification is: 3000-6000*385*16mm, the specification is: 3800*385*16mm, because the embossed buckle between the plates is very cumbersome!

Significant energy saving effect

1. The metal-carved thermal insulation board substrate is made of galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.30mm. The theoretical life of the galvanized steel sheet is 50 years, and the recovery rate is 99.9%, which effectively completes the energy re-application.

2. The high-density rigid foamed polyurethane in the middle insulation layer is the most advanced technology in the world, which is the most suitable for environmental protection. At the same time, after testing, the rigid polyurethane foam will fall after 25 years at high temperature. Less than 3%, coupled with the fine separation of the aluminum foil on the reverse side of the maintenance role, more and more effective to ensure that the Jiahe board wall energy-saving system can maintain stable and good thermal insulation energy-saving effect under various environmental conditions for a long time.

3, metal carved insulation board wall energy-saving system unique design and structure, completely eliminate the phenomenon of "cold and hot bridge". Effective four prevents the occurrence of indoor humid, mildew and other phenomena, reaches the effect of thermal insulation, and completes the purpose of energy saving.




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