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Metal insulation board

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Metal insulation board

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Process analysis of metal carved insulation board

1. Exterior wall structure design of rubber powder polyphenyl granule external wall insulation board system (paint finish)

The system consists of a base wall, an interface mortar layer, a polystyrene particle insulation slurry layer, an alkali-resistant mesh cloth, a crack-resistant mortar protective layer, and a paint finish layer.

Second, the construction technology and main points of rubber powder polyphenyl granule external insulation

Process flow: base wall cleaning → hanging vertical line → ash cake → hanging steel mesh → coating interface mortar → 15mm ordinary plastering (preliminary leveling) → hanging vertical line → plastering cake blasting (control insulation thickness and Flatness)→Small polystyrene granule slurry→ smear resistant mortar→pressed into alkali-resistant mesh cloth→coating.


Anti-fracture layer construction: When crack-resistant layer construction, it should be from the top layer along the corner of the wall surface. After the curing, the first layer of water will wet the insulation layer, then wipe the 3 mm crack-resistant mortar, and lay it when it is not dry. Alkali resistant mesh cloth. When laying, it should be coordinated by two people. One of them should hold down the alkali-resistant mesh cloth, and the other person presses the alkali-resistant mesh cloth into the crack-resistant mortar with the gray board. When there is a leak in the mesh cloth, use it again. Crack resistant mortar to cover. The overlap between the planes of the alkali-resistant mesh cloth shall not be less than 50 mm, and the overlap between the yin and yang angles shall not be less than 150 mm. Before fixing the alkali-resistant mesh cloth of the yin and yang angle, the alkali-resistant mesh cloth shall be folded into 90. ° Right angle. After the crack resistance is completed, it is necessary to spray water for at least 3 times, at intervals of 24 hours.

The place where the brickwork and the reinforced concrete are connected to the plaster: the external legal person width 300 hot-dip galvanized steel mesh 12.7x12.7x0.9, 150 wide on each side, the steel mesh is lapped 100, fixed with anchor bolts, can be plastered .




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