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Mistakes and post-repair maintenance can be avoided by purchasing metal carved plates

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Mistakes and post-repair maintenance can be avoided by purchasing metal carved plates

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The choice of metal engraved panels is important, not only for future use, but also for the quality of the material itself. However, due to the lack of professional understanding of many people, there will be many misunderstandings that can be avoided when purchasing. The metal engraving board manufacturers will briefly introduce them.

1, regardless of quality, only to the price, the price is cheap.

2. When selecting, only the thermal conductivity or the water absorption rate is used as the evaluation basis.

3, can not be considered to have used polystyrene board for decades, it is blindly applauded, and other insulation system technology.

4. It is not technically considered that the thermal insulation coefficient of the heat-insulating material of the fully-closed hole is low, and it must be a good thermal insulation material.

5. For some new types of exterior insulation materials, it is not allowed to completely negate the insulation technology because the quality of the factory is not enough.

6, some users unilaterally believe that inorganic insulation materials only have good hardness and small aperture is a good product. Insulation materials include organic and inorganic misunderstandings.

7. It is not allowed to have a shallow understanding of the metal engraving board system. When the engineering is done, the external wall insulation decoration is not considered for compatibility and compatibility. Inorganic insulation materials with a thermal conductivity of 0.065 are not considered to meet the 50% energy saving requirements.

 In the selection, Xiaobian suggested that everyone should understand the characteristics of various materials and the methods of on-site detection on the basis of understanding the structure of the insulation layer. Conduct on-site assessment of the manufacturer's laboratory.

 When we are using metal engraved panels, in order to make the whole project look more refined and perfect, we usually repair it afterwards. The following metal engraving board manufacturers will introduce the relevant details.

 1. We can decorate the sides of the metal engraved board with a sticker to seal it.

 2. After inserting the partition of the metal engraved board, install the waterproof sealing tube on the sealant gun.

 3. We cleaned the deposits of the metal carved plates to keep the partitions clean, to prevent dust from sticking to the surface of the glue, and the sealant lost its original viscosity.

Good repair and maintenance can give full play to the excellent characteristics of the metal engraved board, so that its vitality is more sustainable, which can give users a better indoor experience. The above is the related content of the metal engraving board about the repair of the metal engraving board. I hope that For everyone to propose a certain repair.


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