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How to clean and maintain metal carved panels

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How to clean and maintain metal carved panels

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Because the wall panel itself has the characteristics of thermal insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, light and shockproof, convenient construction, sound and noise reduction, green environmental protection and beautiful and durable, and because the assembly method of the board is simple and practical, it is not restricted by the seasonal environment. Therefore, the installation is very safe and convenient, and all seasons can be used. This innovative exterior insulation panel highlights its absolute advantages.

More than 100 kinds of embossed patterns and colors have more than 100 kinds of combinations. The luxurious and beautiful decorative effect makes the building stand out for grades and tastes. The easy and flexible way of disassembly and assembly makes it easy to replace the design of the wall. The plate is suitable for the thermal insulation decoration of the newly built brick-concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure and light-body room, and also for the energy-saving renovation of the decoration of the existing building, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.

The metal engraved board is also a kind of external wall insulation board, which is a very good kind of insulation material, and it also has the effect of using the exterior wall decoration board. In order to extend the service life of the board and the insulation effect of the board, it is necessary to clean and maintain the metal siding, remove the stain on the surface of the board, and prevent the inward development of the pollutants. This maintenance method is the most direct and effective. The following is a description of the professional cleaning methods for your system.


The maintenance and maintenance of metal engraved panels requires professional cleaning and maintenance. Starting from the cleaning aspect, it is not only to keep the walls of the building clean and beautiful, but to regularly infiltrate the paint on the surface of the paint. Removal, to ensure the long-term quality of the paint, the cleaning cycle is mainly determined by the environmental conditions of the project location and the actual degree of pollution on the board.

At least one cleaning of the exterior wall of the building is required every year, and the interior wall should be cleaned according to the actual degree of contamination. The cleaning of the building wall is carried out manually or by appropriate cleaning equipment from top to bottom. Do not use a nailed item to scrub the painted surface.

There are also some steps in the specific cleaning of the metal engraved plate. Starting from rinsing the surface of the plate with a large amount of water, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth soaked with water-diluted detergent. Then use a lot of water to rinse the surface, wash away the dirt, check the surface of the board, and wash the area with detergent without washing.

Rinse the board with clean water until all the detergent has been washed away. Also pay attention to the cleaning process: do not clean the hot board surface, when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the moisture will be too fast to volatilize and it is harmful to the surface paint. It must be noted that the basic principle is to choose a suitable detergent. Neutral detergent should be used. Please do not use strong alkaline detergent. Usually, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate is strong. Detergents, abrasive detergents and paint-soluble detergents.

Although the quality of the metal engraved board is better than that of the ordinary siding board, it also needs regular maintenance, which will make your façade more beautiful and extend the use time of the board.

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