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What should be the elements of high quality metal carved insulation board?

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What should be the elements of high quality metal carved insulation board?

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In recent years, more and more people have paid attention to the outer wall of the building. The metal engraved board is the first choice for the decoration of the exterior wall of the building, but the metal engraving board is also divided into three or six, etc. What kind of elements should be used for high-quality metal-carved insulation boards? Now manufacturers will come and talk to you.


1, thermal insulation, energy consumption and energy saving

       The metal engraved board has excellent thermal insulation properties, and has better cold-resistant and heat-insulating performance than the traditional external wall thermal insulation decorative building material. The heating and cooling energy consumption is greatly reduced, thereby saving energy expenditure. The product cost-effective .

       2, easy to install, save costs

       The installation of metal engraved panels is simple and fast, and is not limited by seasonal climate and geographical environment. The significantly shortened engineering cycle not only accelerates the progress of the project, but also saves construction costs and reduces the overall cost. While the metal engraved board achieves the decoration and thermal insulation effect, the load on the external wall is greatly reduced, and the availability of space and land is enhanced.

       3, light and provincial, earthquake-resistant and crack-resistant

       The metal engraved plate is light in weight, high in strength and good in impact resistance. Its light weight not only reduces the burden on the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of earthquakes on buildings.

       4, metal carved plate has a stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mold, no radiation and no pollution, the remaining scrap of construction can also be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the building waste during the construction process, It is a high quality and high performance environmentally friendly product. The metal carved heat preservation decorative board is easy to clean and durable, and has a long service life.

       Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone should have a general understanding of the quality of metal carved panels, and other relevant knowledge about metal carved insulation boards, specifically need to enter the official website of Jinan Dubai Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.

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