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Briefly describe the construction process of metal carved plate and its cleaning method

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Briefly describe the construction process of metal carved plate and its cleaning method

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Exterior wall metal engraving board manufacturer: construction process of metal engraved board and cleaning method thereof


The construction process of the metal engraved board is as follows:

1. Discharge the line, according to the requirements of the design drawings and the geometrical dimensions, hang up the large part of the metal panel to be affixed, and measure and release the line to determine the size and quantity of the facing wall panel.

2. Fixing the skeleton connecting piece, the horizontal and vertical rods of the skeleton are fixed by the connecting member and the structure, and the expansion bolt is used for fixing between the connecting member and the structure, and the line is opened at the bolt position during construction.

3, fixed skeleton, the skeleton is installed after anti-corrosion treatment, the position is required to be accurate, the combination should be firm, the center line should be thoroughly inspected after installation, the surface should be elevated, in order to ensure the precision of the installation of the veneer, the theodolite should be used for the horizontal and vertical members. Through, the deformation joint needs to be properly handled.

4, the installation of metal veneers, the installation order of the wall panels is from the edge of each wall vertical to the first plate of the lower row of the first row, bottom-up installation, the first installation of the wall Install the second row after the row. After each installation of 10 rows of wall panels, the suspension wires should be inspected once in order to eliminate errors in time.

The metal engraved board is a kind of building board with both decoration and heat preservation. Its price is very affordable, and the construction is convenient and fast, so it has been widely used. We have said that the metal engraved plate has a certain decorative effect, so in order to ensure the surface appearance, it needs to be cleaned regularly, as follows:

Clean the dust and dirt with water, or wash it with a soft cloth or sponge. If you can't touch the place, use special tools to clean it; if you can't wash the dirty water, you can use a soft cloth containing Zhongxing lotion (1%-2% aqueous solution) to scrub the surface, in order to keep the metal carved insulation board clean and beautiful every year. It should be done 1~2 times.

Note: Do not use metal brushes, nylon brushes and other tools for water washing, which will cause scratches or corrosion on the surface of metal carved insulation boards; do not use acidic, alkaline lotion, and banana water, even if it can wash off the stains However, it will cause the board to change color or be corroded.

We can use the above method to clean the surface of the board, so that the metal carved board can be kept beautiful for a long time, and attention should be paid to the precautions mentioned in the content to avoid unnecessary damage.

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