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Metal decorative siding

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Metal decorative siding

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Flat (angel white)


Metal decorative siding

The metal decorative exterior wall panel is made of polymer mortar, glass fiber mesh cloth, flame-retardant molded polystyrene foam board or extruded board. It integrates the functions of heat preservation, waterproofing and veneering. . On-site bonding construction is the preferred material to meet the current energy-saving needs of building construction and improve the insulation level of external walls of industrial and civil buildings. It is also the first material for the existing energy-saving renovation of buildings.

External wall insulation board construction requirements

First, the construction conditions

1. The base wall should meet the requirements of “Construction Quality Acceptance Specification for Concrete Structure Engineering” (GB 50204-2002) and “Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Masonry Engineering” (GB50203-2002). It can be leveled with 1:3 cement mortar. After the acceptance of the basement construction is completed, the installation of the door and window frame and the attached pipeline equipment will be carried out.

2. The ambient temperature during construction should not be lower than 5 °C, the wind should not be greater than 5, and no rainy days should be applied without protective measures.

Second, the construction process See the construction flow chart.

The process of the process is suitable for the surface layer of the exterior wall paint. The finish layer includes the surface of the board full of putty, sanding and brushing paint. For convenient operation and reduced on-site operation, the finish layer can be carried out before the heat insulation board is pasted.


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